Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two down and eight to go

Its summer and that means I’m on the road teaching photojournalism workshop. For me this is a great time to meet new talent, pick up a few friends, learn cool things from my students, shoot some sweet images and teach with some of the industry top folks. Hard to believe I actually get paid!

If your coming to one of my classes I have a few I recommendations on what you’ll need to bring to the workshop.

Your gear, favorite lens and all the strobes you got, big/fast memory cards,’ll have actual shooting assignments!

Read the following twice: Battery chargers, I know it seems like a no brain’r but every summer some poor shooter shows without one thinking charger are all the same and they could borrow one. It’s a roll of the dice, I say don’t risk it!!

Laptop, cords, power strips and card readers (all my readers disappeared at the first workshop last month).

Imaging Software, we prefer Photoshop CS 4 but will take any version you have. In New Mexico you’re going to need Final Cut (pro or express).

External Hard drives with plenty of open space. Some assignment you’ll be capturing RAW images files, RAW files eat up heaps of space!

Thumb drives, you’ll need them to get my slide shows and handout copies (I get too many request to burn them, I still really like you though).

Open hearts and minds, at times I can get a bit philosophical about my passions and encourage the same of you. Group discussions are likely to last for hours followed by a visit to the local coffee shop.

I dig homemade cookies, if you're good in the kitchen bring your best it could mean extra credit!

I hope to see you in one of my classes!

The Dallas Photojournalism Workshop,
Dallas, TX Workshop July 5-9

Photojournalism Advisers University
Orlando, FL July 10-16

Visual Media Workshop
Charlotte, NC July 25-30

Journalism Conference
Houston, TX August 5-10

Media Workshop
Saint Louis, MO August 28-30

Photo Workshops
Minneapolis MN September 14-17

North East Universities Journalism Workshop
Providence, RI Septembers 24-27

Greater New Mexico Creative Arts Workshop October 1-4

Syracuse University Visual Journalism Workshop
October 22-26

Here I am selling the benefits of metering in Dallas.

Teaching assistant Bryan Stewart looks like a photo coach in our strobe demonstration class.

Backlight fashioned from hotel drinking glases

Dallas Photojournalism student (soon to be Manhattan Model) Dalton Gomez does a high fashion hair toss.

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